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What about annoying summer uv allergies?

Time:2017-08-10 Views:160
Symptoms of skin allergies is itching by sunlight, the longer in the sun insolates, allergic reactions, the more severe, itchy skin will last 24 hours to 48 hours, or even longer. 
At one time, uv allergy showed diffuse erythema after sunburn. 
The second degree of uv allergy is local skin redness and swelling, then blisters and even blisters, blister walls are tense, and the vesicle fluid is yellowish. Conscious symptoms are burning or itching. After the blister ruptures, it becomes erosive surface, soon dry and scabbed, left pigmentation. Extremely severe uv allergy can be accompanied by fever, headache, palpitations, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and other systemic symptoms. 
Ultraviolet allergy patients diet is delicate, forbidden to eat vegetables and food contains light sensitive material, such as celery, lettuce, rape, spinach, amaranth, Chinese cabbage, milk vetch, ash, mustard, malan, purslane, clover, figs, sheep hoof root, etc. In addition, some Chinese herbal medicine in also contains the photosensitive material, so also need to pay attention to taking traditional Chinese medicine. 
Conventional uv protective measures including the use of sunscreen and uv protection umbrella, sunscreen can only hold back part of UVA, UVB rays are not very useful, and uv protection umbrella on the ground and metope reflection to ultraviolet ray is weak. 
Such as ultraviolet allergy or solar dermatitis has occurred, in addition to pay attention to avoid sun exposure, and symptomatic treatment: available 3% boric acid water shi fu, 2 times a day, every 10 to 20 minutes, topical 2.5% indomethacin solution, can also be topical corticosteroid hormone preparations, to alleviate the local symptoms. The treatment of ultraviolet ray allergy and heliodermatitis, had better go to hospital diagnosis and treatment. It is mainly used for local external drug therapy to reduce inflammation, comfort and pain. General use of a calamine lotion or oscillating lotion. Severe, local ice milk should be kept wet for 20 minutes every two to three hours until the acute symptoms subside or apply with a wet application of acetic acid. In the future, it can be used with corticosteroid cream, which can significantly reduce the local red swelling and heat pain. Antihistamines, antihistamines, oral antihistamines and a small amount of tranquilizers, and the treatment of rehydration and other symptomatic treatment. The most important thing is to prevent another exposure. 
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